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The Story of Archway Choirs

Archway Choirs is a well-renowned choir based in East Sussex that was established in 2009. Each and every choir member who lends their voice to the mix is committed to creating a unique and memorable musical experience.

So what does Archway Choirs have that so many other choirs don’t? Well besides total melodic unison, years of experience, and a brilliant, shining passion for their art, they’re also committed to supporting the local community through concerts and fundraisers.

Led by Musical Director Jane Reeves, we perform original arrangements as well as loved classics and we have over 250 active members. The choirs consist of two main groups, Contemporary and Gospel, which cover everything from choral songs such as ‘Lacrimosa’ by Mozart, to modern day hits such as ‘Skyfall’ by Adele.

More about our Director, Jane:

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